Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Fun!!

We have been busy with lots of fun occasions lately!! Our neighbors had us over to grill and to let the girls practice hunting eggs!! The girls picked some up like once and the rest of the time they wanted in the sandbox and playing with the other toys!! We love spending time with our neighbors next door and I am so excited Tess has someone so close to her age to play with!!!

We had a playdate Easter style!! I made a cake for it and tried to make it look like and  Easter egg. I got a little excited and frosted it before the cake cooled. It was a lot of fun mixing up the colors for it though. I had fun and it tasted good...that's what counts right?? The girls had fun playing...ball pit was a big hit. So was my niece's stuffed puppy which she does not like anyone to touch. =) I'm so happy that life is finally "normal" and we can have playdates!! It is so fun to see all the girls interact and us moms have a good time too!!!

My NEW CHAIRS!!! Our living room finally feels finished now! My dad owns a business that custom builds and reupholsters furniture for interior decorators. He made these chairs for us and I absolutely love them!!! His talent is that he always lines everything up to match from top to bottom.....the cushions and chair. If you look in the pictures you will see what I am talking about. He can take any piece of furniture and make it a master piece!!!


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