Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yes It's True, Tess Is 2!

We took sometime out one evening to take Tess' 2nd Year Photos! Ty was great at getting Tess to smile and pose!! She did well and I am very happy with her new pics! She moves so fast I was a little worried if I would get any goods ones, but I definitely did!! Here are a few from her session! And I went ahead and added pictures from her birthday party too!! She soaked up all the attention!! She absolutely loved it!! She was a great host!! Can we say spoiled? Tess has many new toys to keep her busy for quite awhile!! Thanks to everyone for coming and all the great gifts!! We enjoyed the party!

My favorite!

She likes my new prop!

Is she precious or what?

Fun pose!


I love that I captured this....daddy's hands posing her!!

Stepping into 2!

Sweet girl!

Sit & stay awhile!

Strike a pose!

Vintage shot!

Elmo & Abby Cadabby Style!!


Birthday wish!

She loves Elmo & Abby!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Pinata time!

She loves her cousin!

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